Case Studies

Raising Project Loan For State Govt. HAM Projects
Owed to the uncertainty in budget support and equity matrix among the lenders, here’s how we helped an EPC group in arranging a project loan for Maharashtra state government-sponsored HAM projects

Syndicated Term Loans & Working Capital
This is how we helped an NBFC group in corporate lending and housing finance sector by restructuring its problematic consortium banking arrangement, improving its credit rating, and establishing new lines of credit with a fresh moratorium.

We did some great work for a company in the food processing sector to consolidate its term debt and refinance it by reducing the number of lending parties, and brought about an overall improvement in its EBIDTA through advisory for financial prudence.

Structured Debt Raise for Real Estate
Despite the ongoing issue with financing of the real estate sector, we helped a security solutions group with its real estate development projects by providing structured funding and consolidating debt, easing liquidity issues, and initiating project finance.

Realignment and Enhancement of Credit Lines
Here is how we helped a civil and electrical engineering group with their business operations, by freeing up collateral by over 60%, organizing urgent credit lines, and raising debt funding on competitive terms to eliminate its prior banking arrangement.

Takeover with Enhancement on Improved Terms
The steel sector too has been under lending stress; but here we helped a large steel manufacturing company by rearranging and refinancing its debt from a PSU bank, and providing its flagship brand a holistic delinking and exit strategy from the parent group.