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Structured Trade Finance

In order to provide holistic trade solutions, we facilitate working capital raise via overseas trade financiers and global traders on terms that add value to the business of the borrower.

We arrange export finance (with and without recourse), bill discounting facility, import financing, third port financing, inventory funding, etc. We are capable of developing trade structures which can help our clients meet their working capital requirements without disturbing the domestic banking arrangement.


In order to facilitate smooth relations between sellers and buyers for productivity on both ends, we advise our clients on different factoring solutions to facilitate efficient transactions and shorten the working capital cycle.


Our Value Proposition And Service Approach

As part of our trade finance services, we offer a range of solutions to companies looking to capitalize on opportunities to build a global outlook. We believe in devising optimal trade structure to improve working capital efficiencies and bridge cash flow mismatches arising out of longer-than-anticipated working capital cycles.

More importantly, we believe in expanding horizons and enabling the same for other companies and businesses. Added to that, our in-house experts and their experience in various industries/projects puts us ahead of the curve, where we can effectively realize the need, scope and process of a transaction to be undertaken.

Since trade finance diverges into international growth, we focus on helping maintain a strong foundation via appropriate structuring for working capital as well as facilitating outbound business expansion.

Trade Finance Specialists

Mohit Aggarwal

Mohit Aggarwal
Founder & Partner

Amit Pandey

Amit Pandey

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