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Our Expertise Areas

Mezzanine Financing

As part of mezzanine financing, we assist lenders in converting their finances to an equity interest of the borrower’s company.

Promoter Funding

Our experienced professionals develop customized solutions for promoters – sponsors, holding companies, operating companies, special purpose vehicles, etc. of well-managed companies to raise finance against their existing assets and investments without liquidating them.

Acquisition Finance

Coinmen has vast experience in facilitating acquisition of companies, both domestic and overseas. Based on each client’s unique requirements, we provide advisory on acquisition financing through appropriate financial instruments and provide them with resources that can be used for the transaction.


We help securitize any financial asset, making it an optimally tradable item. Coinmen helps companies club its different financial assets/debts to form a consolidated financial instrument and issue it to investors. We proactively help companies securitize their assets and, in the process, raise funds and increase liquidity in the market.


Our Value Proposition And Service Approach

With unique borrowers in the market, comes a unique financing instrument for their requirements. At Coinmen Capital Advisors, we understand that there are times when loans need to be structured in a way that they reflect optimum financial prudence and a potent strategy behind their usage.

We believe in structuring transactions that are meant to not only turn around companies in distress, but to also facilitate growth and expansion strategies of businesses across sectors.

An experienced and competent team, coupled with a strong relationship with pan-Indian NBFCs, banks and institutional lenders helps Coinmen aid companies restructure debt, make savings on repayments, and free up working capital to make cash work as efficiently as they can.

Structured Finance Specialists

Mohit Aggarwal

Mohit Aggarwal
Founder & Partner

Amit Pandey

Amit Pandey

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