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Our Areas Of Expertise

Special Situation Finance

These situations can arise out of takeovers, mergers, corporate restructurings or government intervention. We are adequately experienced in a wide range of a debt and equity investment techniques, restructuring and insolvency transactions and providing flexible financial structures.

Refinance of Debt

Distressed companies often look to refinance their debt with new lenders. At Coinmen Capital, we help companies with the same by replacing an existing loan with a new loan, with the latter having a more efficient structure of repayment and an improved moratorium period to facilitate ease of operations and repayment procedures.

Acquisition Finance

Distressed assets provide highly rewarding opportunities for potential investors, with high risks reaping high rewards. Our strong network of investors, special situations funds and investment banks ensure a profitable transaction in case of an acquisition of a distressed asset and helps in devising strategies for its future business growth.

Liquidity Generation by Identification and Disposal of Non-Core Assets

Coinmen helps distressed companies identify their non-core assets and facilitate their strategic sale via negotiations with potential investors and bidders to come up with effective and efficient solutions. We help companies pay down their debt by negotiating a sale for all types of non-core assets including real estate, commodities, natural resources, currencies or securities.

With our deep understanding of various businesses and regulatory framework, we can provide tailor-made solutions to clients, beneficial to both lenders as well as borrowers.


Our Value Proposition And Service Approach

Coinmen promises to offer a helping hand in times of business distress. Our value proposition is based on turning around assets and adding long-term value to them for a restructured growth map. We believe every business offers a certain value to its ecosystem, and it’s important to realize its true value rather than discarding it.

Our services in the field of distressed assets serve a bridge between distressed companies and lenders which identify the potential in the said assets to reposition them, restructure them, manage their cash flow, initiate efficient business processes and provide a fresh start to them, moving forward.

We provide the expertise and experience required to assist companies to access capital and avail turnaround opportunities. Our expert intervention is often required with medium and small-scale companies, marred with under-utilized capacities, high leverage, and low profitability.

Our primary focus is to ensure revival, restructuring and working capital enablement, and in case there is no other potential suitor available, managing the acquisition process and making it a fruitful one.

Distressed Asset Advisory Specialists

Mohit Aggarwal

Mohit Aggarwal
Founder & Partner


Amit Pandey

Amit Pandey


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